Demand for Bristol Airport’s services for is increasing at an unprecedented rate. In 2017, it served over 8 million passengers for the first time over a 12-month period, and to continue offering the standard that’s earned its tagline, “amazing journeys start here”, the airport needs to plan for its future.

Copper’s role is to explain the airport’s future in context of its passenger catchment area, the people within it, and how it benefits them. We explained how the public and stakeholders can help shape the future of the airport.


  • Help the airport explain the need to plan for the future and the way it intends to do so
  • Engage a wide range of stakeholders and members of the public with varying levels of understanding and knowledge of the airport
  • Deliver meaningful consultation which allows everyone to help shape the airport’s future


  • People living and working near the airport across the South West and Wales
  • The airports’ stakeholders, customers, passengers and residents with an interest in, or connection to, the airport


Poorly communicated projects present a risk of confusion, a lack of understanding from audiences and increased costs generated by delays. Copper’s approach is to ensure that everyone across the airport’s passenger catchment area can see and feel how the airport plays an important role in everyday life and how it benefits the region.

The design considerations involved in developing an airport’s planning are complex and technical. We created a suite of plain English materials aimed at all audiences which provided accessibility to the project, irrespective of technical knowledge or background understanding of Bristol Airport.


  • An anniversary celebration which helped explain the important role Bristol Airport has played in the region over the last 60 years – telling the story of ‘past, present, future’
  • Explaining the story of the future in the context of a Master Plan through an ‘Issues and Options’ document – ‘Your Airport, Your Views’
  • A widespread ‘have your say’ campaign delivered with accessible, plain English messaging
  • A plain English consultation which removed ‘barriers to entry’ to consultation

Outputs and outcomes:

  • Successfully setting the scene of the airport, making the most of the airport’s 60th anniversary
  • Framing the airport’s future in the context of the local and regional economy and daily life
  • Minimising the risk of confusion around airport planning and the complex consenting process