Highways England is responsible for delivering one of the most significant Government investments seen in modern history. The Department for Transport’s Road Investment Strategy sets out the plan to improve road connectivity across England, unlocking benefits for millions of people.

Copper specialises in minimising risk for the UK’s most complex infrastructure projects by creating compelling narratives which bring meaning to projects. For Highways England, Copper has helped to bring communications into the governance of major projects.

Project campaign objectives

  • Successfully articulate Highways England’s ambition to delivering the road investment strategy
  • Tell Highways England’s story of safety, customer service and delivery
  • Support major projects as they navigate complex planning environments
  • Ensure all stakeholders understand what projects mean for them, how and what people can help shape
  • Articulate the need, benefits, technical detail, consenting process, legacy and consultation details of road schemes.

Target audience

  • People living near or with an interest in the existing strategic road network
  • Anyone who uses roads from local residents, businesses, tourists, cyclists and those who use roads very occasionally
  • All tax payers in England
  • Decision makers who play a vital role in shaping new road schemes.


Poorly communicated projects present a risk of confusion, delays and increased costs generated by a lack of understand from audiences.  Copper’s approach articulates the ambition of a scheme, providing meaning for all stakeholders and audiences.

The design considerations involved in developing a road scheme are complex and technical. Copper brings meaning to complexity to provide ‘access points’ for anyone interested in any scheme.


  • Mitigating the risk presented by misaligned stakeholders and project narratives which lose sight of Highways England’s objectives
  • Using the road investment strategy as an opportunity to deliver exemplar customer service when consulting road users on future plans
  • Creating a tone of voice and compelling narratives for road schemes, focused around audiences and those with an interest
  • Reaching out to the millions of road users who reply on roads every day and seek their involvement in shaping the strategic road network of the future
  • Copper’s project portfolio includes: the A303 Stonehenge, the A417 Missing Link and the A30 Carland Cross to Chiverton Cross

Outputs and outcomes

  • Delivered one of the broadest, most complex consultations for the A303 Stonehenge scheme resulting in a successful Preferred Route Announcement in 2017
  • Successfully articulated to the road investment strategy and the need for new investment to a wide range of stakeholders and millions of road users